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    About IDÉ House of Brands

    We have what you need

    Our success is the result of close collaboration with all of our clients. This teamwork has allowed us to provide the most appropriate products and service, in addition to excellent ideas, helpful advice and practical guidance. The result is professional visibility among the target groups our clients aim to reach. Together with you and your business, IDÉ House of Brands can develop ideas that profile your company’s image and value base through gift items, profile clothing, uniforms, promotional items and other forms of business and image promotion. We are a full range supplier that provides you with the right product in the right quantities at the right price and time.


    Unique products for your company

    Are you looking for something special, something noone else has? We can provide custom-made products tailored to suit your needs. Our design department adapts the products to your business, develops decorations for product series and designs custom campaign materials. We also develop unique designs for recreational clothing and workwear, flags, banners, seals and equipment – you name it, we can do it.



    Our clients can order and have delivered the quantities that best meet their needs. The possibilities are virtually endless. Orders can be
    placed online, through the client’s purchasing portal, by e-mail, fax or phone. Deliveries can be sent to a business address, distributed to branch offices, or even your customer’s business address. We can also deliver to your home address if desired. Items are packed in gift paper or cardboard and can include a message from you.


    Excellent collaborative partners

    We work with a network of collaborative partners who supply us with products. By choosing only the very best, most serious and quality-conscious partners, we have succeeded in achieving consistent, first-rate quality for all of our deliveries. We deliver products from Georg Jensen, Craft, Prodir, Helly Hansen, Harvest, Holmegaard, Stelton, Slazenger, Rosendahl, Menu, Kosta Boda and Kähler among others, to our satisfied customers.

    Our promotional products can help you communicate your message effectively.


    Systems and structure

    Like many others, we are committed to environmental stewardship and want to do our part to help the environment. This is also confirmed by our environmental certification (ISO 14001) and all that this entails. The ISO requirements contribute to making clear in which areas we can contribute locally to improve the environment
    globally. When purchasing products, we encourage our producers to reduce their carbon footprint through
    environmentally friendly operations, like reduced packaging, more effective distribution and logistics
    throughout the service chain. This gives our customers the assurance that we make every effort to live up to our
    customers’ environmental demands.



    Our product range is driven by our environmental focus. We always strive to offer an environmental friendly alternative to our standard range of products. For example, customers have the possibility to choose pens made of biodegradable material, T-shirts made from organic cotton and products made from recycled materials.



    IDÉ House of Brands AS is the leading supplier of profiling, gifts, uniform and textile products to B2B partners in the Nordic region.
    We are represented in all Nordic countries, putting us in close proximity to most of our customers. Our main office is in Drøbak, where the design department, print studio and warehouse are located, in addition to the sales department. We also have showrooms at all other
    branches. In 2012, we expanded our Oslo showroom to 1800 m², enabling us to showcase everything we offer.

    We are centrally located in the heart of Oslo at Stortorvet 10, so that we can easily assist customers with their needs and
    inquiries. The goal of our showroom is for customers to experience all the possibilities we offer, everything we can
    produce and deliver in accordance with your needs and specifications. At our other Norwegian showrooms in Sandefjord, Ålesund, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Lillehammer, our staff is on hand to answer all your questions and discuss the options at your convenience.
    In Sweden, our head office is located in Stockholm and we have additional branch offices with showrooms in both Gothenburg and Lund.
    We have chosen to establish our Danish head office in Kolding, although we also have a showroom in Copenhagen and Esbjerg in order to reach as many customers as possible. In Finland, we have offices located in Helsinki, Åland, Lahti, Kuopio, Oulu and Tampere.

    For all addresses and office descriptions, visit our website at
    As your partner, we offer endless possibilities. We have every possible product imaginable in stock and produce, design and distribute special products in the quantities and styles of your choice. As a customer of IDÉ House of Brands, you have continuous access to a team that is dedicated to meet your needs. A designated contact means that you always have someone who knows you and knows your business.

    Service is our trademark!

    We specialise in all types of labelling, designs and logo placement on products. Whether designing a product from scratch or delivering “semi-finished” products, you can rest assured that we have provided thousands of different solutions throughout our soon to be 30 years of
    existence. We aim to offer the best possible service, products, prices and logistics solutions and work with a customerfriendly, dedicated staff that is here to serve you and your company.

    Over the past 28 years, we have had the pleasure of providing a wide range of creative solutions that have succeeded in strengthening company logos, customer relationships and, last but not least, loyalty (from product launchings and staff and customer relationships
    to the company to courses and conferences). We hope that both existing and new IDÉ partners will take the time to stop by and allow us the opportunity to talk about the endless possibilities we offer when it comes to profiling your company.




    Environment, ethics and social responsibility

    Since 1987 we have been at the forefront of and a dominant player in our industry. This is also reflected in the measures we take to ensure our commitment
    and focus to the environment, quality, fair trade and increased wealth creation in society.

    ISO certification

    Shortly after the millennium, it became clear that new developments were taking place in our industry. The requirements for documentation and guaranteed deliveries were tightened and IDÉ wanted to stay ahead of our competitors in both this area and sales. In 2004 we became the first company in the profile industry
    to obtain ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification for its environment and quality policies. For our customers, this means even greater security in terms of deliveries
    from IDÉ, as well as access to a wide range of environmentally friendly alternatives. Of course, this also means we are able to comply with all customer requirements in these areas. IDÉ has been recertified every year since 2004, a fact of which we are very proud.

    Other environmental efforts

    In addition to ISO certification, IDÉ is also active in environmental issues and a members of both Green Dot Norway and El: Return.


    Ethical trade is a term that is appearing with increasing frequency in both public debates and elsewhere in corporate Norway. IDÉ has once again taken the
    lead in our industry and has already become a member of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative). Through our membership and involvement in the ETI, we actively
    work towards improving conditions and practices in our factories, internally, and ensuring that our customers can choose “correct” products and manufacturers.
    We are proud of our membership in the ETI and look forward to continue working with this organisation for years to come.

    Sponsorships and corporate social responsibility

    Giving something back to society has always beenimportant to us and we do this in a variety of ways, from sponsoring small local associations like the
    Frogn Shooting Range and Drøbak Music bands on the one hand and the Rosenborg football team and Norwegian cross-country skiers Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset,
    Sjur Røthe and Kristin Tettli Rennemo on the other. All of our sponsorships are important to us because we believe we can create value in the community through
    our success. We also have a scheme for donating old samples and other textiles to the disadvantaged in Eastern Europe and actively participate in career fairs and events organised by universities and colleges.



    We’ve shifted focus on the web!

    Our new website reflects our core business to a greater degree - the products.
    We have thousands of products from thousands of suppliers all over the world. We have featured a selection of them on our website categorised and organised to
    enhance searching. That makes it easier for you to find the right product for your company. We will continue to update the site with campaigns and products to maintain it as a living medium for product searching. Given that our product range is practically infinite, it’s almost impossible to make room for and feature all our
    products, and we therefore opted to present the most interesting. That does not mean that we do not have a product, even if it can’t be found in our database.
    The product database allows you to sort and find the best products within the criteria you apply.

    Visit our webshop at

    Hardware & Give Aways

    This category is one of the cornerstones of our product groups, along with textiles. We have built up a huge range within give-aways and other hardware over many years. This is the place to find the reasonably-priced products often needed in large quantities. Pens, keyrings, pocket torches, mouse mats, ice scrapers, measuring tapes, lip salve, cushions, mugs, cleaning cloths, reflectors etc. We also have attractive gifts and products for prizes within this category. Thermos flasks, outdoor equipment, flashlights, knives, watches, radios, USB sticks, powerbanks, loudspeakers etc. also come under this category.







    Here you will find design and esthetic products of the very highest quality. We have a great selection of the finest Scandinavian designed products available. We recommend engraving these products with your business logo or message to keep the exclusivity of the
    product intact. This category features crystal, glass, stainless steel,
    silver, gold, porcelain and other exclusive materials. You can choose between well known brands as Kähler, Georg Jensen, Kosta Boda, Stelton, Rosendahl and many more.







    Display products - Flags & banners

    Does your business promote itself at expos?
    Do you attend events?
    Do you take business trips?
    Do you own your own premises?
    Does your work location vary?
    Do you sponsor sporting events?

    We believe that most businesses in the Nordic region today need what we call “expo material” at some point. Roll-ups are perfect for use at expos, at your premises, at kick-offs or at sales presentations. Logo banners on rolls are used by many entrepreneurs these days to effectively advertise the fact that the company is a major player.

    When sponsoring sporting events, a beach flag is perfect for the start and finish areas and, in rainy weather, we can supply a tent with your company logo and profile colours to create just the right effect.
    No matter what your profiling needs, we have the answer. We offer competitive prices, flexible solutions and, last but not least, product experts who can help and guide you towards the best possible result.


    Food as a gift
    We have also developed a food concept. People need to eat to survive. This is a fact that is hard to dispute. But what we eat is no longer coincidental. Travel, lifestyle, national and international interests, not to mention health consciousness, are a few of the reasons people become passionate about different kinds of food and drink. Our goal is to supply food choices that reflects today’s trends, but without losing sight of our national traditions.

    It is becoming more and more common to give the gift of food,
    especially during the Christmas holidays. Our Christmas food baskets always contain products tailored to the Christmas holidays, not to mention that little something extra that makes Christmas dinner even better.

    We also have a wide range of products that either alone or in combination with other products can be given away as gifts throughout the year.

    Success guaranteed!

    Food with a theme

    Today’s consumers are critical, which is a good thing. We take these demands seriously and have added a broad new range of product, which are broken down into the following categories: Locally Produced, Organic and Fair Trade Certificated.
    These products are chosen first and foremost for their quality and taste, but also for their contribution to the people behind their production and the environment. We know our modest contribution won’t save the world, but we believe our customers wish to have the opportunity to make conscious choices, and we facilitate such choices. After all, actions speak louder than words.

    Food with a message

    Finally, we offer a wide range of food products that ranges from fudge, chocolate and candy to exclusive oils. We have found producers we can trust and rely on, ones that understand our customers’ need to have their name or brand on something that also tastes good. We also try to help our customers make their
    new and exciting ideas a reality. Just ask.

    Special production

    Ever looked for a product you cannot find?
    Perhaps a strange question, but sometimes you do find that the cup, bag, sweater or knife you want simply cannot be found in the colour you want it in. Similarly, you might want to print a logo across the front of a jacket, but the printer tells you that the zip will make that impossible.

    IDÈ are here to tell you that the impossible is possible!
    Our factories have been achieving the impossible for over 20 years, and helped us deliver products to our customers that are 100% tailor-made to their requirements and specifications.

    We do so by sewing, moulding, forming, glueing, welding,
    hammering, banging - in fact, anything that produces what you want from scratch. Our philosophy is: “What we haven’t got we will get and
    what we cannot get we will make! “

    You may envisage a profile product that you think probably does not exist, or may even be impossible to make: We will be happy to take up the challenge!
    Contact us for an informal chat and brainstorming to ensure that you could end up with a totally unique product only a few months later.


    Textiles and clothing are a necessity. Everyone uses them and they can be seen everywhere. So why not take advantage of this fact to strengthen your company’s brand or message?

    A good product gets noticed. A good products gets remembered - even after launching. You have the message - IDÉ has the products.
    Let us help you choose the right quality for your message, whether in the workplace, at home or in a social setting. IDÉ House of Brands delivers campaign clothing, workwear, sportswear, uniforms and team clothing. We work together with quality partners that guarantee you
    an excellent product at the right price and delivered on time. As the Nordic region’s leading supplier, we offer a simple, total, and international solution.